Online Reputation Management

Whether your business is old or new, its only as strong as its reputation. Word of mouth is a hugely powerful sales force, however it can also be very damaging to your business. Even the best business can get disgruntled customers who can ruin your hard work with one bad review. As many as 70% have left reviews online, and the popularity of Google reviews and websites such as Trip Advisor show how businesses can be made or fail due to their reputations online. There are so many ways people can find reviews and post anonymous negative reviews about a service or product.

If you have been the victim of bad reviews which you feel were unjust, IYF can put forward a customised plan to improve your online reputation in a legitimate way, and help bury those bad reviews which are hurting your business. Our plan has a three month requirement in which we set up systems to improve and help your business. The feedback you get will not only improve your reputation online, but it can also be beneficial to help you improve areas you may not be aware of.

We setup up a system, ad help train you to get more reviews, whatever your business, from restaurants to plumbing.

Please email to request a call back or call us today to see how we can help you get your hard earned reputation back in good standing online.

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